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Ways to promote your registration

Actively promoting your HCPC registration allows you to demonstrate that you meet national standards for training, skills, behaviour and health, and that you are genuine. 

You can use this material in your workplace or online to promote the fact that you are registered.




Using the 'HCPC registered' logo is the easiest and most impactful way of indicating your registered status. It is only available for use by HCPC registered professionals, and must be requested. 

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Social media

Using the #HCPCregistered hashtag on social media when you post about your profession and practice is another simple, highly visible way of highlighting the fact you are a registered professional.

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Visual materials

Our posters and leaflets explain who we are and what we do and outline the benefits of using a registered health and care professional. They also give information on what steps to take if a member of the public wants to raise a concern. You can download PDFs of these.


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Promoting your organisation

HCPC registration is only ever of an individual, not an organisation, so these assets should only be used to declare the ability of the individual to practise. If you suspect someone is mis-promoting their registration, you may want to raise a concern about them.

How to promote your registration

  • Registrants should use their legally designated titles where possible. You can also use the terminology ‘HCPC registered’ to demonstrate your profession’s statutory regulation.

    Protected titles

    Professionals on the HCPC Register are entitled to use a corresponding designated title; for example ‘chiropodist’ or ‘podiatrist’. A list of the professions we regulate together with their designated titles can be found on our protected titles page. These titles are protected by law. Anyone using one of these titles must be on our Register. A person who is not registered and who misuses a designated title is breaking the law and may be prosecuted.

    State registration

    State registration of health and care professionals no longer exists and you should avoid using the expression ‘state registered’. ‘State registered’, sometimes abbreviated to ‘SR’, was the term used to describe professionals registered with our predecessor body, the Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine. The term is now redundant and should no longer be used.


    Some professional bodies, including the British Psychological Society and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, can confer the title ‘Chartered’. By law, you do not need to be chartered in order to practise but you must be on our Register. If you are chartered, you must still be registered with us to use one of the protected titles.

Still have a question about registration?

For more information on any aspect of your registration, please contact our Registration team by email:

Page updated on: 05/07/2018