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Working with employers

Employers, including those who manage, supervise or lead the work of HCPC registered professionals, play a key role providing a number of functions, including checking their employees’ registration

Ensuing that this group of stakeholders understand our regulatory processes and keep up to date with changes is therefore vital to the work that we do.

It is important that they are up to date on key issues and developments in professional regulation. We acknowledge that there is a huge range of employers in the UK, as such we have a variety of means to engage with these different groups.

To help ensure employers have the information they need, we engage with them in a number of ways, including:

  • dedicated employer events;
  • the employers section of the website, featuring the multiple registrant search;
    fitness to practice alerts;
  • e-bulletins and mailings covering key issues and updates;
  • information about the Fitness to practise process for employers and managers; and
  • Campaigns such as "WHAT?" and "Be Sure".
Page updated on: 29/11/2018