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Retention rates of first time HCPC registrants, 2013 to 2018

This report contains the HCPC’s first scientific assessment of the time new HCPC registrants stayed registered for.

It uses appropriate statistical methods to assess all first-time UK application route registrants between 2013 and 2018, following them all up for four years. Time spent on the register is analysed separately by:

  • age at first registration
  • gender / sex
  • profession
  • nationality
  • place of training

The HCPC embarked upon this analysis to inform our work on preceptorship. We consider that the findings are of wider value. They have particularly important implications for providers and funders of training, and for workforce planners. They are also likely to be of great interest to other stakeholders including professional bodies.

In summary the key findings of the analysis were:

  • 5.7% (equivalent to 1 in 18) of all new registrants deregistered within four years.
  • Deregistration rates varied between professions from 1.8% (1 in 56 Paramedics) to 12.8% (1 in 8 Prosthetists / Orthotists).
  • There is strong evidence for a link between profession size and deregistration rate (whereby smaller professions appear more likely to deregister within four years).
  • Deregistration rates varied between UK nations / English Regions where qualifying training took place (training areas) and between nationalities of registrants, with the latter likely to account for much of the former.

Download retention rate analysis by profession and modalities

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Page updated on: 20/01/2023