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Health and social care regulators

We work closely with the other UK health regulators to share best practice in a variety of areas. These include HR, education, equality and diversity, communications and governance.

Case studies

Explore common scenarios where a registrant may need to consider making a self-referral

Professional indemnity

Registrants are required to have a professional indemnity arrangement in place as a condition of their registration

Renewal timeline

See the timeline for what should happen before, during and after your renewal date

Paper renewals

If your profession is currently renewing, you can request a paper renewal form to be sent to your registered address

Submitting your profile online

Registrants selected for CPD must submit their profile using the online system

Choosing a programme

Help for those who want to become a health and care professional

When I've qualified

Information for applicants about applying for registration

Mapping documents and guidance

Best practice guidance about mapping, including common pitfalls and tips to make your submission easier to understand

Review documents

We produce reviews of the regulatory work we do in assessing and monitoring programmes

Confidentiality - guidance for registrants

The standards against which we assess education and training programmes

Guidance on conduct and ethics for students

This document gives students on education and training programmes we approve information about our standards of conduct, performance and ethics.