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Guidance on conduct and ethics for students

We set standards of conduct, performance and ethics which apply to the professionals we regulate. You will learn about these standards on your programme.

The standards also apply to people who are applying to become registered with us. If you are applying to be registered, we will ask you to sign a declaration to confirm that you have read and will keep to the standards once you are registered.

The standards help us make decisions about the character of the people who apply to join our Register, and also in cases where we decide whether someone is fit to practise.

1 Promote and protect the interests of service users and carers

2 Communicate appropriately and effectively

3 Work within the limits of your knowledge and skills

4 Delegate appropriately

5 Respect confidentiality

6 Manage risk

7 Report concerns about safety

8 Be open when things go wrong

9 Be honest and trustworthy

10 Keep records of your work with service users and carers