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Guidance on social media

We have created this document to provide guidance to registrants who use social media. It explains how to use social media in a way which meets our standards.

Benefits of social media

Registrants have told us that using social media lets them:

Most registrants who use social media already do so responsibly, in line with our standards, and without any difficulties at all. However, we know that registrants sometimes have questions or concerns about using social media because they want to make sure that they always meet our standards.

This guidance explains what our standards mean when using social media.

Social media case studies

These five case studies demonstrate the positive and negative effects social media use can have on registrant’s practice. The examples show how positive social media use can aid in connecting with colleagues and the public, and how negative social media use can cause issues in places of work and beyond.

Case study 1 - Kathy

Developing and sharing skills and knowledge and networking with other professionals using social media

Case study 2 - Simon

Engaging with the public about what they do via social media

Case study 3 - Dipak

Raising the profile of the profession through social media

Case study 4 - Farah

When social media use turns to cyber bullying

Case study 5 - Desmond

When social media use breaches service user confidentiality

Social media Podcast

Listen or download our podcast. Media and PR Officer Caitlin Drysdale speaks to Director of Policy and Standards Michael Guthrie about the HCPC’s new Guidance on Social Media, published in September 2017.