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The benefits of promoting your registration

What are the benefits of promoting your registration?

1. To demonstrate that you continue to meet the standards of proficiency for your profession.

"It is important to promote my registration to emphasise my qualifications."(Dietitian)

2. To provide an assurance that you meet national standards for your training, professional skills, behaviour and health.

3. To differentiate you from non-regulated professionals.

4. To reassure service users that you, as a health and care professional, are genuine.

"HCPC registration means that service users can be sure they are receiving a service from someone who is properly qualified to do the job they claim to be able to do." (Forensic Psychologist and HCPC registrant visitor)

Case Studies

Take a look at our case studies to see how colleagues and other HCPC registrants are promoting their HCPC registration.

Download case study 1 - registered hearing aid dispenser.

Download case study 2 - self-employed dietitian


Our infographic provides an overview of how our regulated health and care professionals are promoting their registration.

Click here to download.

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