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What to expect from us if a concern is raised about you

If a concern is raised about you, you can expect us to treat you fairly and explain what will happen at each stage. We will give you details of a case manager who you can contact if you have any questions and who will keep you up to date on the progress of our investigation.

Role of the case manager

We allocate a case manager to each case. The allocated case manager might change during the course of the investigation. If this happens, we will tell you and you will always have a named contact. They are neutral and do not take the side of either you or the person who raised the concern with us.

Their role is to manage the progress of the case throughout the process and to gather relevant information. They act as a contact for everyone involved in the case.

They cannot give you legal advice but they can explain how the process works and what the panel will consider when making their decisions.

How long will the process take?

We try to consider cases as quickly as we can.

We aim to:

While these are our aims, the time a case takes to reach the end of the process can vary depending on the nature of the investigation we need to carry out and how complicated the issues are. As a result of this, each stage of the process may take either a shorter or longer period of time.

Your case manager will keep you informed of the progress of the case, but if you have any questions about what is happening, or why it may be taking longer than our aims, you can contact them for an update.