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Before the final hearing

HCPC hearing timeline

You do not have to go to the final hearing but it is generally in your best interests to do so. If you do go, you (or your representative) will have an opportunity to question witnesses and give your side of events. If you do not go, you can provide written statements to be read out in your absence, but this will not allow you to respond directly to evidence heard on the day. The hearing may take place even if you are not there, as long as we can prove that we have given your proper notice of the hearing.

If you want an adjournment (to postpone the final hearing), you need to set out, and provide evidence for, why an adjournment should be granted. Panels will rarely grant adjournments simply because it would be more convenient for us, you or your representative to have the hearing on another date.

If you need a witness to come to the final hearing and they refuse, the panel can insist that they attend. This is known as a ‘witness order’. Please contact your case manager if you are having a problem with this and we can discuss this with you (or your representative).

Further information on what to do before a hearing is available in the hearings section of this website.