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What if I'm selected for audit?

CPD audit is the process where we randomly select a percentage of registrants who are renewing their registration, and ask them to send in a profile showing how their CPD meets our standards.

Registrants chosen for audit must:

  • send us a written profile (which must be their own work and supported by evidence) which explains how the CPD they have done meets our standards.

CPD profiles are assessed by CPD assessors from the professions we regulate, who decide if the profile meets the CPD standards.

Putting your CPD profile together

The main parts of your CPD profile will be:

  • a summary of your practice history for the last two years (up to 500 words);
  • a statement of how you have met our standards of CPD (up to 1500 words); and
  • evidence to support your statement.

The purpose of each part of the profile

The summary of your practice history should help to show the assessors how your CPD activities are linked to your work. This part of the CPD profile should help you to show how your activities are relevant to your current or future work.

Your statement of how you have met our standards should clearly show how you meet each of our standards, and should refer to all the CPD activities you have undertaken and the evidence you are sending in to support your statement.

The evidence you send in will back up the statements you make in your CPD profile. It should show that you have undertaken the CPD activities you have referred to, and should also show how they have improved the quality of your work and benefited service users.

Your first piece of evidence should include a dated list of all your CPD activities within the audit period. Any gaps of three months or more should be explained. This will help to show the assessors that you meet standard 1.

Your evidence should also be able to show that your CPD activities are a mixture of learning activities and are relevant to your work (and therefore meet standard 2).

What happens next?

Audit sample size

The audit sample size for the first two professions we audited in 2008 - chiropodists and podiatrists and operating department practitioners - was five per cent. We then reduced this figure to two and a half per cent for the subsequent professions subject to the review of the initial audits.

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Our latest continuing professional development audit results

Between 2013 and 2015 we audited the continuing professional development (CPD) of 8,164 registrants.

The results are now available in the CPD audit report, which contains statistics, insight and comments from assessors.

  • 80.8 per cent of profiles submitted were accepted
  • 9 out of 15 previously-audited professions showed an increase in the number of approved profiles
  • Only 0.3 per cent of the sample were removed from the Register