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HPC launches fourth Council elections

17/03/2008 - 00:01

The HPC is holding Council member elections for three of the thirteen professions it regulates as well as a by-election to fill a clinical scientist vacancy

The three current registrant Council members for dietitians, operating department practitioners and speech and language therapists will stand down from Council in July 2008.  Current Council members for these professions are eligible to seek re-election and in addition a by-election will be held for the vacant position for a clinical scientist on the Council.

The Council currently consists of 26 members made up of one representative from each of the thirteen professions the HPC regulates, thirteen lay members and a President. Collectively they are responsible for developing strategies and policies.

Registrants wishing to stand for election as a Council member will need to be nominated by six fellow health professionals who are from the same profession.  Nomination forms and further information on the election scheme will be sent to around 31,000 registrants from the dietitian, operating department practitioner, speech and language therapist and clinical scientist professions on our Register in mid April.

All HPC registrants from these four professions who work or live in any of the four home countries of the United Kingdom and who are on the HPC Register on Thursday 17 April 2008 are eligible to stand for election and to vote.

The election will take place in the spring of this year and is being run by the Electoral Reform Services on behalf of the HPC. The results will be posted on the HPC website in early July 2008 with the new Council expected to sit for the first time shortly after that date. 

The Department of Health is currently consulting on proposals to create a smaller council that is appointed rather than elected.  The timetable is uncertain, but candidates should note that they are unlikely to hold office for the usual term of four years. Elected members will be eligible to seek appointment to the restructured Council.

Health professionals interested in nominating an individual or standing for election are encouraged to look at the HPC website for information and for the full election scheme rules:



Notes to Editors:

1. For further information about the election process see the HPC website:

2. For further information about the elections please contact Niamh O’Sullivan on 020 7840 9711 or email 

3.   The Health Professions Council is an independent, UK-wide health regulator set    up by the Health Professions Order (2001).  The HPC keeps a register for thirteen different health professions and only  registers people who meet the standards it sets for their training, professional skills, behaviour and health. The HPC will take action against people who do not meet these standards or who use a protected title illegally.

4. The HPC currently regulates the following thirteen professions. Each of these professions has one or more ‘protected titles’. Anyone who uses one of these titles must register with the HPC. To see the full list of protected titles please see:

• Arts therapists
• Biomedical scientists
• Chiropodists and podiatrists
• Clinical scientists
• Dietitians
• Occupational therapists
• Operating department practitioners
• Orthoptists
• Paramedics
• Physiotherapists
• Prosthetists and orthotists
• Radiographers
• Speech and language therapists

5. The potential changes to the Health Professions Order which will affect the HPC Council structure are designed to protect the independence of Health Regulators.  For more information on the white paper see:

And for the proposed changes to the Health Professions Order see:

Ebony Gayle
020 7840 9784

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