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Education annual report highlights key trends in approval and monitoring processes

04/05/2016 - 14:01

HCPC publishes 2015 Education annual report

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) has today published our Education annual report. This provides an overview and analysis of the key trends in our approval and monitoring processes during the 2014-15 academic year.

These processes ensure that the programmes we approve meet our standards of education and training, and allow students completing these programmes to apply for HCPC registration. We work closely with registrant and lay partners to approve and monitor UK education and training courses.

In 2014-15 99 per cent of programmes assessed via our annual monitoring processes showed sufficient evidence of continuing to meet our standards of education and training. The report further highlights a 32 per cent increase in major change notifications received from education providers, as the number of approved programmes subject to our major change process continues to increase. This is extremely positive as it highlights that our model of open-ended approval is achieving the task it was set out to do; i.e. allowing us to take a risk-based approach rather than having a cyclical programme of re-approval visits.

The report also indicates that 796 conditions were set across the 100 programmes visited as part of our approval process; an average of eight per programme. The majority of conditions set related to programme management and resources (SET 3) and practice placements (SET 5).

2014-15 marked the third and final year of scheduled approval visits to social work programmes in England following the transfer of regulatory functions from the General Social Care Council (GSCC) to the HCPC in 2012. We also undertook the final year of scheduled approval visits to post-registration programmes for approved mental health professionals (AMHP). A summary of this activity is included in the report while separate reviews are available to download from the HCPC website.

Ben Potter, Education Manager at the HCPC, said:

“Our processes are robust and effective to ensure that UK education and training programmes continue to meet our standards. We remain committed to working with education providers to review these processes on a regular basis to ensure that they remain relevant and up-to-date.”

To download the Education annual report visit

For more information about the HCPC’s Education processes visit


For further press information please contact Rebekah Tailor or Grant Imlach in HCPC’s press office on 020 7840 9806 or email

Notes to editors

1. To read the 2015 Education annual report visit 

2. A summary of key findings presented in the Education annual report is available on the HCPC blog. Visit

3. The Health and Care Professions Council is an independent regulator set up by the Health and Social Work Professions Order 2001. The HCPC keeps a register for 16 different health and care professions and only registers people who meet the standards it sets for their training, professional skills, behaviour and health. The HCPC will take action against professionals who do not meet these standards or who use a protected title illegally.

4. The HCPC currently regulates the following 16 professions. Each of these professions has one or more ‘protected titles’. Anyone who uses one of these titles must register with the HCPC. To see the full list of protected titles please see
Arts therapists
Biomedical scientists
Chiropodists / podiatrists
Clinical scientists
Hearing aid dispensers
Occupational therapists
Operating department practitioners
Practitioner psychologists
Prosthetists / orthotists
Social workers in England
Speech and language therapists

5. The HCPC regulates social workers in England. Social workers in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are separately regulated by the relevant Care Council in that country.

6. To contact us via social media, use the Twitter handle @The_HCPC or search The Health and Care Professions Council on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Rebekah Tailor
(0)20 7840 9806

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