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Suitability scheme proposals for adult social care workers in England

Date of publication: 23/07/2015
Category: Position statement
Audience: Journalists and media
We have proposed a ‘suitability scheme’ for adult social care workers in England.

This includes a statutory code of conduct based on core principles of respect, honesty, integrity and confidentiality alongside a mechanism for considering serious complaints to prevent continuing harm to service users. Individuals found to have breached the statutory code could be subject to a ‘prohibition order’ and entered in the suitability scheme register – a list of those considered not fit for employment in the adult social care workforce. It would be a criminal offence to work in this field whilst being included in the suitability scheme register.

We acknowledge work to raise standards across the sector, for example, the work of Skills for Care and Skills for Health to develop a code of conduct for support workers. Our proposals seek to complement these and other initiatives aimed at driving up quality across the workforce.

We consider this proposed model is a proportionate and cost-effective approach which will provide higher levels of public protection than voluntary or self-regulatory arrangements. We also believe this approach is more targeted, allowing the regulator to effectively deal with the small minority of individuals whose conduct makes them unsuitable to work in this area.

Alongside the suitability scheme, we have also proposed the statutory regulation of Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered managers.

The Government will ultimately decide whether our proposals are implemented.


To read the full proposal including its scope, how it links with other initiatives and the financial implications, click here.

To read council discussions about the proposal, click here.

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Notes to editor:
In February 2011, the Command Paper ‘Enabling excellence’ outlined that the Department of Health (DH) would work with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) to explore the scope for establishing a voluntary register for adult social care workers in England.
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