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HPC comment on Panorama's Undercover Care: The Abuse Exposed

Date of publication: 03/06/2011
Category: Position statement
Audience: Journalists and media
Anna van der Gaag the Chair and Marc Seale the Chief Executive of the Health Professions Council, commenting on the alleged abuse of people that was recently broadcast on the BBC Panorama at the Winterborne View care home near Bristol stated:

“The Programme showed behaviour towards individuals with learning disabilities that was distressing and totally unacceptable. In the 21st century, care homes must be places of respect and affirmation, not abuse.

"Systematic abuse is a complex problem in any caring context and there are no simple solutions. We welcome any initiative that will increase the inspection of care services and improve standards. However, this will only happen if it is supported by an appropriate level of regulation of all the individuals working in care homes.

“The vast majority of support workers are dedicated individuals, often undertaking difficult jobs for low pay but in England they are not regulated.

"Careful consideration should be given to establishing ethical and educational standards for all health and care support workers. A system of mandatory regulation that works with employers, inspection agencies, professionals, service users and their families will lead to enhanced standards, an improved quality of care and greater public protection."

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