Revised Guidance on health and character released

19/01/2017 - 14:36

Revised Guidance released

We have this week released our revised Guidance on health and character.

This document provides guidance on our processes when assessing the health and character of people who have applied to be on our Register, or are already a registrant.

The relationship between a registrant and the service user is based on trust, confidence and professionalism. By checking a person’s health and character, we can help to reduce the risk of harm and support the public’s trust in the professions that we regulate.

This revision includes several updates including the removal of any reference to ‘character reference’, updated terminology around the requirements on the declaration of cautions and convictions, and updates to legislative and legal language in general.

Groups who may find this document useful include those applying to be registered or considering applying, those currently registered, those working in education and making decisions about students applying to a programme and those working in education and advising students on applying for registration.

View the Guidance here.