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Changes to the 'Local anaesthetics' and 'Prescription only medicines' annotations for chiropodists / podiatrists


Annotations on HCPC register

We are changing the way that some annotations relating to medicine exemptions appear on the HCPC Register. 


Earlier this year we consulted on proposals to change the ‘Local anaesthetics’ (LA) and ‘Prescription only medicines’ (POM) annotations which are available for chiropodists / podiatrists who have completed training to use these entitlements.


Our proposals were based on feedback we had received from the chiropody / podiatry profession that the existing wording of the annotations was unclear and could be changed to be more in line with medicines legislation.


Based on the responses to the consultation, we decided to rename these annotations as follows.

‘Local anaesthetics’ will become ‘Prescription only medicines – administration’.
‘Prescription only medicines’ will become ‘Prescription only medicines – sale / supply’.

We are making these changes with the intention to make clear to service users and other professionals (including pharmacists, for example) what chiropodists / podiatrists with the annotations are qualified to do. There is no change to the medicines included in the respective exemption lists.


These changes will also be accompanied by amendments to the explanatory information about the annotations which is available on the online Register.


The new wording will be included on certificates when registration is next renewed.


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