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2007 Public, Registrant and Stakeholder views

Research Among Health Professionals, Stakeholders & the General Public

This report presents the findings from research among the general public, HPC stakeholders and the 13 different health professionals (HPs) that the HPC regulates. The research was conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the Health Professions Council.

The key objective of the research was to obtain data that will provide the HPC with the necessary information to assess the effectiveness of its operational activities and to help develop plans and strategies for the future. The specific objectives for each group are outlined below:

General Public

  • To gain an understanding of the public’s awareness of the HPC, their understanding of HPC’s role, particularly knowledge of the complaints function and their overall confidence in the HPC;
  • To gain opinions on public attitudes and expectation towards regulation of health professionals and protection of titles;

Health Professionals on the HPC Register

  • To gain an insight into registrant’s attitudes to the HPC, particularly key functions including complaint handling, communications and registrations;

HPC’s Key Stakeholders

  • To gauge opinions within the stakeholder group of their attitudes and expectations of the HPC as well as their understanding of the HPC’s role;

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