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2007 Evaluating public awareness concepts

Practitioner, referrer and public focus groups: Evaluating public awareness concepts (2007)

This report presents the findings from market research with practitioners registered with the HPC, people who refer patients to health professionals on our Register and the general public. The research was conducted by Research by Design Ltd on behalf of the Health Professions Council. The focus groups took place in Solihull near Birmingham and St. Albans in Hertfordshire.

The research first established participant’s views of the HPC and then went on to test different messaging and concepts to be used in public and registrant awareness campaigns across the UK.

It is worth noting that the views expressed in this research are not necessarily held by all registrants or members of the public. A very small number of people took part in the research (37 members of the public and 19 health professionals/referrers) and the health professionals that took part were nearly all from private practise.

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