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Education and Training Panel - 6 July 2018

Date: 06/07/2018

End: 06/07/2018 - 14:30

184 Kennington Park Road, London

Education and Training Panel

Education and Training Panel

Region: England - London




Enc 01 - 3a Approval without conditions
Enc 02 - 3b Approval recommended subject to conditions
Enc 03 - 3c Approval recommended subject to conditions with observations
Enc 04 - 4a Annual monitoring audit Continuing approval recommended
Enc 05 - 4b Annual monitoring visit required
Enc 06 - 5a Mc approval


3A - Programme approval without conditions
3D - Programme approval conditions now met
4A - Annual monitoring subject to audit approval recommended
4C - Annual monitoring declarations approval recommended
5A - Major change subject to change approval recommend
6A - Withdrawal of approval following consent
3B - Programme approval with conditions
3C - Programme approval with Obs from provider
4B - Annual monitoring visit recommended

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