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Higher and Degree apprenticeships - what you need to know

We have put together some FAQs to explain how education providers should engage with us around new Degree Apprenticeship programmes.

Can apprenticeship programmes be approved by the HCPC?

Our standards of education and training (SETs) are designed to be flexible, which means they can be applied to a variety of training models. Education providers will need to demonstrate how their apprenticeship programme meets our standards.

I am thinking about running an apprenticeship programme. When should I contact you?

As soon as possible. Ideally when you are in a position to discuss your plans for delivery of the apprenticeship programme, but it is best to contact us sooner rather than later.

How will apprenticeship programmes be assessed?

As with any programme, new apprenticeship programmes will need to be approved, and major changes to existing programmes will need to be assessed before apprentices can start their training.

How quickly can you assess my apprenticeship programme?

For new programmes we need at least six months to arrange an approval visit, then at least three months to conclude the process with you. We can assess changes to approved programmes along shortened timeframes, but we may need to organise an approval visit depending on how significant the changes are.

What are some of the standards that might be affected if I admit apprentices to my programme?

Depending on the model of training you are looking to provide, changes may affect several standards, including the following.

If you have any questions about developing an apprenticeship programme, email or call +44 (0)20 7840 9812.