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Annual monitoring process

Annual monitoring is a retrospective documentary process to consider whether a programme continues to meet our education standards and that individuals who successfully complete the programme are able to meet the relevant proficiency standards.

Annual monitoring process statistics

Documentary submission for annual monitoring

Education providers are divided into two groups for annual monitoring. Each autumn, we will write to education providers with information on the annual monitoring process over the forthcoming academic year. We will tell you what you need to submit, and by when. Each year, we require one of two types of monitoring submissions:

A declaration asks you to confirm that the programme continues to meet our education standards, and that recent and future changes have been reported to us. We expect you to complete a declaration form after you have completed your internal annual monitoring process for the year.

An audit asks you to submit a completed form and mapping document with several key pieces of your internal quality monitoring documentation, including external examiners’ reports and your responses to these reports.

For the 2017-18 academic year we will require all education providers to make a declaration that any changes; implemented to ensure those who successfully complete the programme understand the implications of the revised version of the standards of conduct, performance and ethics, have previously been reported to us or are being reported through the current annual monitoring.

We will also, in line with the requirements to ensure that all approved education and training programmes have integrated the revised SOPs for their profession into their teaching and learning, require all programmes from the following professions to make a declaration through annual monitoring in 2017-18:

How do I find out which group I am in?

You can check if your education provider is in group A or B, by clicking on the links in the table below:

Academic Year

Doc iconGroup A

Doc iconGroup B










When is my submission due?

Your submission date will usually be just after your own internal annual monitoring process. You must complete the relevant form and submit it to us, along with the requested documentation, by the deadline stated in our initial correspondence to you.

I've recently had an approval visit. Do I need to make an annual monitoring submission?

Programmes visited by us in the previous academic year, or which are currently going through the approval process, will not normally be subject to annual monitoring in the following year.

For more information:

Please read through the Annual monitoring - supplementary information for education providers publication which provides detailed information about the annual monitoring process.

Further information about individual programmes' requirements for annual monitoring 2017-18, along with audit and declaration forms, will have been sent to all education providers in August 2017. If you have not received a form or require any advice or guidance please contact us at