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Major change process

Our major change process requires education providers to notify us of changes to the way in which a programme meets our education standards. Changes should be reported to us before they occur but it is possible for us to assess changes to programmes that have already taken place.

Major change statistics


As the Education annual report 2015 shows, in the academic year 2014-15 we considered more change notifications than ever before. 64% of these were scrutinised through our major change process.

Which changes should I tell HCPC about?

When you make a change to an approved programme, you should consider how the relevant education standards continue to be met. We do not require you to notify us of every change to a programme. You should only notify us of changes to your programme that changes:

  • the overall way in which a programme meets the relevant education standards; and / or
  • the way a programme is recorded on our website.

If a change does not have a significant impact on how a programme meets the relevant education standards it can be reported to us in annual monitoring.

How can I let you know about my change?

You can notify us about your change by completing a major change notification form, and sending it to When you submit this form, you do not need to include supporting documentation, as we will make a judgement about how to review your change based on your notification form. However, you should ensure that documentation is available for us to assess the change if required. Any evidence that you do provide at notification stage will assist us in our decision-making process.

What happens next?

We assess the notification, and make a decision about how to review the change(s) based on the information that you have provided. If necessary, we may request additional information to assist in making this decision. At this stage, we can make a decision to consider the change via:

  • a documentary submission under our major change process;
  • a documentary submission as part of your next annual monitoring audit; or
  • a visit under our approval process.

You will need to submit a completed major change mapping document along with other documentation if we decide to consider the change via our major change process.

For more information:

Please read through the Major change supplementary information for education providers publication which provides detailed information about the major change process.

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