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Raising a concern about an approved education and training programme

As well as approving and monitoring our approved programmes, we also review concerns that anyone might have about approved programmes.

Statistics on concerns raised about programmes


As the Education annual report 2015 shows, despite the number of approved education and training programmes growing significantly over the past three years, the number that were subject to a concern has remained low.

Who can raise a concern?

Anyone can raise a concern about an approved programme. Before a concern is raised, we expect individual to have completed an education provider's informal and formal internal complaints process. Approved programmes will have a complaints process in place because we have a requirement for them to do so.

When to raise a concern

You should raise a concern if you are concerned an approved programme no longer meets one or some of our education standards. The outcome of the concerns process will only affect whether we continue to approve the programme. It will not lead to any financial compensation for you, or a change in a grade or award classification.

You can raise a concern about any HCPC approved programme. You should check to make sure the programme you want to raise a concern about is on our list of approved programmes.

Types of concerns that will not be considered

As our role is to protect the public there are some types of concern we will not consider. We will not consider concerns which are:

How to raise a concern

We normally expect you to complete the Education Provider Concern Form. We have produced a guidance document to help you fill in the form.

If you are unable to fill in the form, please contact us on 020 7840 9812 or email so we can discuss an alternative.

You should also refer to the Raising a concern about an education or training programme document we have produced about raising concerns.

What happens when a concern is sent to us?

We will review your concern to see if it is something we can consider. If we are able to consider the concern we will ask the education provider to comment. We may ask visitors (members of the profession, or lay people, who work for us and are independent from the concern) for their advice if the concern requires it.

We will make a recommendation about what action to take in response to the concern to our Education and Training Committee. This recommendation will be based on the information that you have provided, information from the education provider, and considering the input of our visitors (if required). The Education and Training Committee is responsible for the programmes we approve and will make the final decision on what action to take. Normally, a final decision about the concern is made in roughly six months. You can see the different stages of the concerns process in our concerns process flowchart.

How we keep you informed of what is happening

As part of the Education Provider Concern Form, you will provide us with contact details, and we will keep you informed regularly about what actions have occurred and the status of your concern.

The final outcomes that could be reached as a result of a concern

The Education and Training Committee can make one of the following decisions:

For more information:

Please read through the Raising a concern about an education or training programme publication which provides detailed information about the concerns process.