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What happens if the case is referred to a final hearing

If the Investigating Committee Panel decide that there is a case to answer, we will ask the HCPTS to arrange a hearing.

The case will be heard by a Panel acting on behalf of one of the following committees.

Each final hearing panel is usually made up of three people, including someone from the relevant profession, a ‘lay’ person who is not from any of the professions we regulate and a chairperson (who may be a professional or may be a ‘lay’ person’). The chairperson leads the hearing and speaks for the panel.

We will usually ask solicitors to prepare the case for the final hearing and to act for us at the hearing. We will give you the details of the solicitors when we write to tell you the Investigating Committee Panel's decision. We will also pass your contact details to our solicitors who may contact you if they need to speak to you or arrange to meet you to take a formal statement.

It can take some time for a case to reach a hearing. It is difficult for us to provide specific guidance on timings since each case is different. Your case manager will write to you regularly and keep you informed of the progress of the case.

Witness support and giving evidence

If our solicitors ask you to provide a witness statement, you may also need to come to the hearing and give evidence. We have a brochure called Information for witnesses which provides details of what you can expect if you have to be a witness. Click here for more information about attending a hearing.

More information about hearings is available by clicking here.