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Hearings and decisions

We list cases four weeks before the date of the hearing. (more information here).

Decisions are published here in accordance with the Fitness to Practise Publications Policy.

Please note that due to website maintenance some hearing information may not be updated immediately, if you require further information on any of our cases please contact the Fitness to Practise department on: 0800 328 4218, or email: ftp@hcpc-uk.org

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October 2014

Kiran Garner Maureen E Seymour Stuart Hamilton
John Harry Forbes Anne M Leonard
Christine Santry Sandra Dee Joyce Lomax
Grantley Hughes
Ms Odina A Nzegwu Christopher Bridger
Julie Mirvis
Isha Shona Gabriel
Alexander Buckley
Jeanette Reeve
Kelly Coburn Elizabeth Sarah Cohen
Gina Govanna Lovell
Myfanwy M L Montgomery Leeto Brian Thale Oladele Eluwole
Dennis H Blanchard Daniel J Dyer Adel Abdel Razeq
Christine Breckon Idowu A Adenwunmi
Mrs Marian Laird Thomas Houghton Christopher McKendrick
Lisa Jane Thorn Diana Onyango Lynne Broadbent
Rosamund Ann Walsh
Idowu A Adenwunmi Mark Anthony Newman Diana Ndiho Gabulaya Onyango Rajesh T Mallick
Paul Smith
Victoria Page
Thomas Abraham Mr Chris J Crompton
Deborah S Jones Paul Todd
Christopher Ernest Bracchi
Phillip Charles Crooke
Nichola Taylor
Victoria Page Shane Snell Fiona McWilliam
Warren Oliver Raymond
Leith R T Brown Medora Bracey Trevor Slater
Nichola Taylor Dennis Blanchard Douglas Malcolm
Andrew Stuart Robertson David Reay
Mr Ahmed Kabir Suleiman Andrew McCann
William Mitchell
Fiona McWilliam
Mr Stephen John Wroe
Theresa Ann Holland Nigel Selvin Lloyd Brown
Stephen P Brown Mr Andrew S Woodall Miss Jacqueline Mercella Gayle Martin D. Matthews
Jeanette Reeve Steve Nutton Paula A Gilbert
Louise Birch David G Mcquire Patricia S Noel
Kevin Cornell Caroline Griffiths Deborah J Iveson
Titlayo Oyedele Michelle Alison Lord
Mr Mohammad T Azad

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