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What happens if previous concerns have been raised about an employee?

If a registrant has been suspended, they cannot work until that suspension order has been removed. If we have placed conditions on a registrant’s registration, they can work but under restriction. In these cases, as their employer or manager, a registrant may ask you for your help with their conditions. For example, they may only be able to work under supervision or with a chaperone, or they may need to provide a review hearing with references from senior colleagues.

Taking previous concerns into account

When considering whether there is a case to answer in relation to a concern about a registrant, the Investigating Committee Panel has the legal power to take into account any other similar concerns made against the registrant within the previous three years.

The purpose of this power is to make sure that a concern which has been dismissed, because a case to answer could not be established, can still be taken into account if another similar concern is made against a registrant, and it is relevant to do so. The previous concern will be taken into account as similar-fact evidence and will not be re-opened as a new investigation.

Employing a registrant who is the subject of a current fitness to practise investigation

Being the subject of a fitness to practise investigation does not automatically make a registrant unsuitable for employment as registrants can continue to practise unless we have imposed an interim order preventing them from practising or placing restrictions on their practice. You can find out if a registrant has an interim order made against them by searching our online register.