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Meeting our standards

In order to remain registered with us, you must continue to meet the standards that we set for your profession.

It is important that you meet our standards and are able to practise safely and effectively. We also want to make sure that you maintain high standards of personal conduct and do not do anything which might affect the public’s confidence in you or your profession. However, we do not dictate how you should meet our standards.

Each standard can normally be met in more than one way. The way in which you meet our standards might change over time because of improvements in technology or changes in your practice.

As an autonomous and accountable professional, you need to make informed and reasonable decisions about your practice to make sure that you meet the standards that are relevant to your practice. This might include getting advice and support from education providers, employers, professional bodies, colleagues and other people to make sure that you protect the wellbeing of service users at all times.

In particular, we recognise the valuable role professional bodies play in representing and promoting the interests of their members. This often includes providing guidance and advice about good practice, which can help you meet our standards.

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