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Readmission FAQs

Can social workers who have been removed from the Register continue to practise after Wednesday 2 January 2013?

No, social workers in England must be HCPC-registered in order to practise

Should employers take disciplinary action against social workers who have failed to renew their HCPC registration?

It is for the employer to decide what action to take if a social worker is removed from the Register. We know that some employers have downgraded qualified staff to assistant level or have required periods of annual leave for the time they were off the Register.

Where can social workers get readmission forms from?

We have sent readmission forms to every social worker removed from the Register. Social workers can also request one by contacting HCPC. This form can be used up to and including Friday 1 February 2013.

After Friday 1 February 2013 social workers must complete a more detailed readmission form, available to download from the HCPC website or by contacting us. This form includes the requirement to submit certified documents to verify identify, is more detailed and carries an additional charge. Therefore, we strongly recommend social workers readmit by Friday 1 February 2013.

Why is there an additional charge for readmitting after Friday 1 February 2013?

The additional charge is to cover the administration costs of processing the readmission form.

How long will readmission forms take to process?

Readmission forms will take approximately ten working days to process, but may take longer depending on the number of forms received and whether we need to verify information provided.

How will a social worker know when they are back on the Register?

You can check the online Register on our website, employers can also use the multiple registrant search to search up to one hundred registration numbers at a time.

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