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Paying your fees

Readmission fee
The fee we ask you to send with your application is called a readmission fee. This is a non-refundable payment of £225 and includes the first year (or part year) of registration. We cannot process your application without this payment. The readmission fee is reduced if you are making an application for readmission within one month of the date of your removal from the Register.

You must also pay your registration fee at the point you apply for readmission. The registration fee for the two year registration cycle is £180 (£90 per year). If you apply to be registered at any point during the professional year, even if only for a few days, you will need to pay the full £90. If you do not need registration immediately in order to work, you may wish to check when your new professional year starts and apply for registration at the start of a new professional year. The table below shows the registration cycles for each profession.

Registration cycle
Your registration cycle is biennial (two-yearly) and is made up of two ‘professional years’. The table below details the professional years for each profession we regulate.

Before you send us your application you need to decide whether you wish to pay the full registration fee or spread the cost by paying by direct debit.

Methods of payment
The fee you are required to pay is dependent on the date your registration lapsed and whether you wish to pay future fees by direct debit.

In order to help you calculate your fee, you will need to choose one of the four options on the application form.