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Assessing your application

Step one

Receipt in the office - Application received by HCPC

The basic details of the application are entered on to our registration system and an application reference number is generated. If your application is accepted for processing we will take the scrutiny payment at this stage and send you a letter to the correspondence address provided in the application. The letter also includes the application reference number. This is important for you and HCPC to track the application through the process of assessment, feedback and final registration decision.

If your application is not accepted for processing, we will return it to you without taking the scrutiny payment. The application is withdrawn and you will need to resubmit a complete application.

Step two

Initial processing – within four weeks from receipt.
During this period we will contact your education provider, any relevant regulatory or professional bodies and any professional referees. This is to verify the information that you have provided. We will not wait to hear from these contacts before sending your application to the next stage. You do not need to do anything until we have notified you of the outcome of the next stage of the process.

Step three

Assessment of qualification – within 60 working days from receipt.

The next stage is the assessment of your education, training and experience. This stage takes approximately 60 working days. Your application will be sent to two assessors from the part of the Register to which you are applying. They will consider all of the information that you have submitted before making their recommendation - initially comparing the level and the content of the training course with reference to the Standards of Proficiency. If they identify shortfalls they look to see if these have been made up through post qualification training and post qualification experience.

This recommendation will be then reviewed by the Education and Training Committee (ETC) who will send their decision to you.

Sometimes documentation can be contradictory or inconsistent. The assessors then may ask for further verification or a more detailed explanation.

Recommendations from the assessors
Registration assessors are aware their recommendations influence the possible career paths of applicants, and they aim to provide specific feedback concerning each applicant.

Assessors can only base their recommendations on the information provided by the applicant, their referee, their training institutions, and any education, training, or experience provided in the original application. They cannot contact your referees, training institutions, previous employers directly.

There are several possible outcomes to the application assessment process:

• Acceptance for admission to the Register
• Refusal of the admission to the Register
• Request for further information or invitation to attend a Test of Competence (TOC) based on the professions’ Standards of Proficiency.

Following acceptance for admission to the Register, a registration fee of £90 per year is payable. The amount covers a profession's two year registration cycle.

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