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Paying your fees

Scrutiny fee
The fee we ask you to send with your application is called a scrutiny fee. This is a one off non-refundable payment of £495. We cannot process your application without this payment.

We are currently trialling new facility which will allow applicants to pay their scrutiny fee online.

Selected applicants will receive a link to access Worldpay online payments service via e-mail, from

If you have been selected, please follow the link to make your payment within ten days.

Please continue to send a method of payment with your form, as not all applicants will be invited to trial this new facility.

For more information please contact us on

Registration cycle
Your registration cycle is biennial (two-yearly) and is made up of two ‘professional years’. We will advise you of the registration fee when your application has been processed and approved. The list below shows the professional years for each profession we regulate.

Methods of payment
You can choose to pay your scrutiny fee by cheque, money order, bankers draft or by credit/debit card. Payments must be made in Sterling and drawn on a bank based in the United Kingdom (UK). Your payment should be crossed and made payable to ‘Health and Care Professions Council’. Please write your full name on the reverse side of your payment and ensure that it is not post-dated. You should allow at least five working days for your payment to reach us (ten if sending from outside the UK).

Methods of payment are different for those physiotherapists who apply using the European Professional Card (EPC). You will be contacted by our office directly when we require the payment. You can find out more about EPC and related fees here

Please note:
For security reasons, HCPC does not accept cash payments. If you try to make a payment in cash at the HCPC you will be directed to the nearest post office where you can obtain a postal order.