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Departments and teams at the HCPC

Below is a list of the departments that make up the HCPC.

Chief Executive Office

The Chief Executive and Registrar is responsible for developing the work, and enacting the instructions of the Council, through leadership of the organisation. The role is supported by a personal assistant.


The Communications Department is responsible for carrying out the Communications Strategy of the HCPC, including stakeholder activities; Meet the HCPC events; production of wide ranging publications and public awareness activities.


The Education Department approves programmes within the UK for the professions we regulate. Someone who has successfully completed an approved programme is eligible to apply to our register.


Provides support to the organisation by managing and processing the subscriptions of registrants, processing payroll, expenses, invoices and payments, and managing the accounting and budgeting processes.

Fitness to Practise

The Fitness to Practise Department responds to concerns about our registrants and investigates whether they possess the skills, knowledge and character to practise their profession safely and effectively.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department provides support to all employees and managers in the areas of recruitment, employment policies and procedures, employee relations, payroll and benefits.


Provides support to the organisation by enabling departments to utilise a variety of systems and IT equipment and provides support for a variety of IT based projects.

Office Services

The Office Services Department (part of Operations) is responsible for the provision of all the services linked to the running of the HCPC's properties, including health and fire safety, along with providing support to the organisation in a wide range of service functions.


The Operations Department covers a number of functions in the organisation, including Business Process Improvement, Projects and Registration, which holds the responsibility for granting health and care professionals entry onto the Register.


The Partners Department is responsible for the co-ordination of recruitment, training and performance management of Partners, providing support to managers that use Partners to assist with their functions, including Fitness to Practise, Registration and Education.

Policy and Standards

The Policy and Standards Department helps the Council to develop policy and to review and set standards for the professions regulated by the HCPC.


The Secretariat Department is responsible for managing corporate governance of the HCPC, including arranging the activities of the Council and committees.