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Freedom of Information

Health and Care Professions Council publications scheme


The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) gives a general right of access to recorded information held by public authorities, sets out exemptions from that right and places a number of obligations on public authorities.

FOIA requires us to publish certain information about our activities, enables members of the public to request information from us. The HCPC seeks to operate open and transparent processes and supports the underlying principle of FOIA; that people have a right to know about the activities of public authorities unless there are good reasons for withholding that information.

Publication Scheme

FOIA requires us to adopt a publication scheme. It also enables the Information Commissioner to approve model publication schemes which public authorities may adopt.

The HCPC has adopted the Information Commissioner’s 2009 Model Publication Scheme (the Scheme). The Scheme sets out a series of high level commitments in relation to making information available, specifies seven classes of information and sets out the circumstances under which we are not required to make information available.

Click here to view the Scheme on the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) website

Definition document for health regulators

In addition to the Scheme, the Information Commissioner has developed a definition document for health regulators. This document provides guidance on the kinds of information that regulators may hold and therefore be expected to make available. It is not a definitive list and, for example, may include information of a kind that is not held by every regulator. The document also sets out the circumstances in which we would not routinely be expected to make information available.

Click here to view the definition document for health regulators on the ICO website.

A Guide to Information available

In operating the Scheme, we are required to provide a 'guide to information' which covers:

  • what information we routinely publish;
  • how that information can be accessed; and
  • whether or not there is a charge for information.

The information that we routinely publish can be found within the relevant sections of the HCPC website, which is our main guide to information. In addition, we maintain a publications list which contains details of the publications and other information that we routinely provide.

Click here to view the HCPC publications list.

How to make a request for information

If you cannot find the information you want on the HCPC website or by using the “guide to information available”, please send your request for information to:

Alternatively, you can write to:-

FOIA Requests
Health and Care Professions Council
Park House
184 Kennington Park Road
London SE11 4BU

You will need to provide a description of the information requested and your name and contact details (e-mail or postal address).

What you can expect from us

Once we receive your e-mail or letter, we will acknowledge receipt and provide you with a reference number which you can then quote in any future correspondence.

We will then respond to your request as soon as possible and, in accordance with FOIA, within twenty working days. As we have an obligation under FOIA to provide advice or assistance to anyone seeking information, we may contact you if we need any clarification to help us deal with your request.

Normally, we will provide information unless we do not hold it, it is exempt from disclosure under FOIA or its disclosure is exempted or prohibited under another enactment.


We seek to make most of our published information available on our website, from where it can be downloaded free of charge. If a paper copy of any document is required, this can be requested by e-mailing or calling (0)20 7840 9785. Hard copies of our brochures and similar publications may be requested free of charge by e-mailing or calling (0)20 7840 9806.

We reserve the right to charge for providing information if a large number of documents or multiple copies of the same document have been requested or where the information requested has been archived and cannot easily be retrieved. We will also do so where there is a specific charge for a publication or information.

Any charges will cover, as appropriate, the cost of retrieving archived material, photocopying, printing, packaging and postage. A standard rate charge of 10p per side of A4 paper will be applied to printing and photocopying. We will inform you in advance if a charge applies and any charge must be paid before the requested information is provided.

FOIA exempts us from complying with a request (or linked requests) for information where the cost of doing so would exceed the appropriate limit set by the Freedom of Information and Data Protection (Appropriate Limit and Fees) Regulations 2004 (the Regulations) and is currently £450.

In estimating whether a request exceeds the appropriate limit we may take account of the costs we reasonably expect to incur in determining whether we hold the information, finding that information or the records containing it, retrieving that information or those records and extracting the requested information. In accordance with the Regulations, the staff time involved in dealing with a request is charged at £25 per person per hour, even if the true cost to us is more.

If we estimate that a request for information exceeds the appropriate limit, where possible we will try to assist you in ‘re-framing’ that request to bring it within that limit.

Disclosure Log

Before submitting an information request, you may wish to check our Disclosure Log where you will find our responses to previous FOIA information requests.

The Disclosure Log does not contain our response to every request, but only those that may be of wider general interest.

Responses are published unedited, but personal information, such as the name and address of the person who made the request, may have been redacted on data protection or privacy grounds.

Click here for more information about our Disclosure Log.

Personal Data

FOIA does not give people access to information about themselves (personal data), such as registration records. If you want to know about the information that we hold relating to you, you can make a ‘subject access request’ under the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). The DPA ensures that the personal data we hold is properly managed.

Click here for more information about our DPA policy.


If you are dissatisfied with how we have handled a request under FOIA or the DPA, please contact:

Michael Guthrie
Director of Policy and Standards
Health and Care Professions Council
Park House
184 Kennington Park Road
SE11 4BU

If, having raised the matter with us, you are still concerned about our compliance with FOIA or the DPA, you can contact the ICO at:

Information Commissioner's Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane


Publications list

Class of Information


Format (and link)


Class one – who we are and what we do

role of the HCPC


location and contact details of HCPC


Council members of the HCPC (including biographical details)


role of the Council


governing legislation of the HCPC


stakeholder engagement


recruitment information


department structure


Class two – what we spend and how we spend it

annual report and accounts


Class three – what our priorities are, and how are we doing

strategic intent


work plans

(Considered by Council each year in May)


customer service aims



management information

Considered at every meeting of Council (with the exception of the October meeting)


Class four – how we make decisions

standing orders of Council and Committees


terms of reference of Committees

scheme of delegation

Education and Training Committee rules

schedule of Council meetings


schedule of Committee meetings


Council and Committee meeting agendas, minutes and papers (for historic papers)




schedule of fitness to practise hearings


outcomes of fitness to practise hearings


transcripts of hearings

On request


Class five – our policies and procedures

equality and diversity scheme


recruitment FAQ’s


procurement policy


Welsh language scheme


data policy


retention policy


code of conduct for Council members


Council members’ interests

financial regulations

gifts, inducements and hospitality policy

member/employee protocol

procedures for handing FOIA requests


charging policy for FOIA requests

complaints procedure for FOIA requests and subject access requests under the Data Protection Act

Class six – lists and registers

list of registered HCPC professionals


register of interests of Council members


FOIA disclosure log


list of approved programmes


list of historical programmes


Class seven - the Services we offer



guidance documents


practise notes for FtP panels




standards of proficiency


standards of conduct, performance and ethics

standards for CPD

issues brief


fitness to practise annual report


HCPC annual report

education annual report


fitness to practise key information

raising a concern about a registrant


information for registrants if a concern has been raised


information for representatives


information for employers and managers


information for witnesses


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