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Customer service process

As an organisation, our aim is to provide the best customer service we can for all our registrants and stakeholders; that is why your feedback, good or bad, is so important to us.

Stages of feeding back

Stage 1

The Service and Complaints Manager will log your initial concerns and acknowledge receipt. You should put your concerns in writing or by email, you may choose to use the form provided on this page. A telephone number is provided for the purposes of discussing the complaints process and to address initial concerns, but unless you are unable to do so, you will be asked to put your concerns in writing.

Your complaint will be passed to the relevant department that you initially dealt with for investigation and a response.

Stage 2

If you are unsatisfied with the response that the department has provided, you can request that your complaint and the response that you received is reviewed by the Service and Complaints Manager. If appropriate, the Service and Complaints Manager may pass the complaint back to the original team to try to resolve your concerns again, we will let you know if this occurs.

The aim of a review is to ensure that your complaint has been handled in line with our complaint and departmental policies and processes.

Stage 3

If you are unsatisfied with our response and review, your complaint will be reviewed by the Chief Executive or a member of the Senior Management Team.

If you remain dissatisfied at this stage, any further correspondence that you send to us will be logged and acknowledged, but unless it raises new issues, we will not respond further on the points made.

Outcomes of complaints

A response to your complaint may include:

We regularly review and update our internal processes in light of complaints that we receive and use feedback from complaints as tools in training our employees and registrant partners. Some examples of recent improvements are:

Positive feedback

Equally, if you have experienced good customer service from our organisation, or you feel someone deserves praise for the work they have carried out, please let us know.

Data Protection

Personal data is protected and controlled by HCPC. Further information is available in our Data policy and terms of use.

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