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Council meeting - 17 September 2013

Date: 17/09/2013

Park House, 184 Kennington Park Road, London SE11 4BU, London

Council meeting

Council meeting

Region: England - London




Enc 01 - Minutes of the Council meeting of 4 July 2013
Enc 02 - matters arising
Enc 03 - Chair report
Enc 04 - Chief Executives Report
Enc 06 - Fitness to Practise Publication Policy
Enc 07 - Outcomes of guidance of consultation on guidance on professional indemnity
Enc 08 - Consultation on Rules for Professional Indemnity
Enc 09 - Use of the HCPC Retention policy and destruction of duplicate paper versions of information
Enc 010 - Communications Report
Enc 012 - Composition of the Audit Committee
Enc 013 - Restructure of HCPC Committees
Enc 014 - Code of Corporate Governance
Enc 015 - Education and Training Committee appointments
Enc 016 - Minutes of the Finance and Resources Committee meeting of 18 June 2013
Enc 017 - Minutes of the Audit Committee meeting of 25 June 2013
Enc 018 - Minutes of the Finance and Resources Committee meeting of 18 July 2013
Enc 019 - Customer Service Feedback Yearly Review
Enc 020 - Fitness to Practise Management Information Pack
Enc 021 - Council and Committee dates 2014
Enc 011 - Response to Restructure of Council Consultation paper
Enc 05 - Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care performance review


Minutes of the Council meeting of 17 September 2013

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