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We must check the character of everyone that applies to join our Register. This is to make sure that applicants will be able to practise safely and effectively within their profession. We can also take action to protect the public if a registrant’s character raises concerns about their ability to practise safely and effectively.

This means that when a person applies for registration, they must tell us about any criminal convictions or cautions they may have (other than a protected caution or protected conviction). We also need information from them if they have been subject to a decision by any other regulator (either a regulator in the UK of another profession, or a regulator outside the UK).

While professionals are registered with us, if they are convicted or cautioned, then we are informed by the police. In addition, registrants have a responsibility to tell us about any convictions or cautions they receive while registered.

More general information about the standards we set for the character of our registrants is available on the page about our standards of conduct, performance and ethics.

We have also produced additional guidance on our processes when assessing the health and character of people who apply to, or who are on, our Register, which can be found here.