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Health and social care regulators

There are 12 organisations in the United Kingdom known as health and social care regulators. Each oversees the health and social care professions by regulating individual professionals.

These organisations were set up to protect the public so that whenever you see a health, psychological, or social care professional, you can be sure they meet professional standards.

Who is registered?
Anyone from one of the professions listed below must register with the relevant regulator. If they are not, then they are breaking the law and we can prosecute them. The registers are made up of only those professionals who have demonstrated that they have met high professionalstandards.

Because regulation is so important to standards of treatment and care, these registers are open to the public. So if you want to check your professional is registered, you can do this online or call the relevant regulator.

How can you find out more?
Please get in touch with with the relevant regulator if you want to know more. Full contact details and website addresses are listed below.