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Making a declaration

Required documents

In order for your declaration concerning temporary provision of services to be considered you must submit:

Please note: You must provide us with the details of your professional indemnity insurance, covering the provision of your services in the UK. We can not accept your declaration without it.

If you obtained your professional qualifications outside the European Economic Area or Switzerland (‘third country qualifications’) but have become established to pursue your profession in a relevant European State, you must provide a proof of your legal establishment in that state. This document should be issued by the authority which authorised you to pursue that profession in that state.

You must also ensure that you read and understand the HCPC standards of conduct, performance and ethics.


All documents (other than proof of nationality) must be translated into English. The HCPC only accepts certified translations of documents. Your embassy or consulate will be able to provide advice on finding a recognised translator.

Renewal of declaration

Names will remain on the list of visiting professionals for one year. You may make a further declaration ten months after your previous declaration was accepted. If you do not send us a further declaration or it is not accepted, your name will be removed from the list after twelve months from acceptance of your first or previous declaration.

If your situation changes and you wish to practise in the UK on a permanent basis, you must apply for full-HCPC registration. For more information about this process please click here.

Decisions on declarations by visiting health or social work professionals are made on a case-by-case basis, taking account of the duration, frequency, regularity and continuity of the services you are providing on a temporary and occasional basis. We may make further enquiries about applications and may refuse to accept a declaration if we are not satisfied that services are only being provided on a temporary and occasional basis.

When completing any further declaration please remember to provide clear details of your current employment status and any professional activities which you have undertaken whilst in the UK.

To make a further declaration you will need to send us:

1. a completed ‘Declaration to the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) concerning the temporary provision of services' with Sections 7,8 and 9 completed in addition to the main part of the form; and
2. proof of your current legal establishment in your profession in another relevant European State.

Please keep us up to date with any changes to your contact details. If we do not have your correct details, we cannot contact you with important information.

Documents to download:

Download the ‘Declaration to the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) concerning the temporary provision of services'.

Download Standards of conduct, performance and ethics.

More information

Information about regulated professions:

Information about National Contact Points:

National Contact Point for Professional Qualifications in the United Kingdom: NCP/Default.aspx

The current list of visiting professionals who have made a declaration to us may be checked on the list of visiting European health or social work professionals.

The full text of the Directive is available here.